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Welcome to Prince of Peace School, a Catholic school committed to serving the students and families on the near south side of Milwaukee. Prince of Peace School is proud to be part of the Seton Catholic Schools of Milwaukee. As a Catholic school, religion classes, prayer and liturgical services are an integral part of the school day. However, the school welcomes children of all religions and beliefs. At the time of registration, all parents/guardians are informed of the school’s Catholic identity and are involved in the discussion of how this affects the life of their child. Since Prince of Peace School respects the dignity of each and every child, sex, religion, race, and ethnicity will not prevent a child from being accepted in our Catholic school.

Our Vision

We, the Prince of Peace School community, empower the whole child in preparation for life in an ever changing world.

Our Mission

Recognizing each child as a unique image of God, the student is the focus of Prince of Peace School. In a nurturing environment of mutual respect, we nourish the mind, body, heart and soul through worship, service and academics.

School History

Prince of Peace Parish and School was founded on July 1, 1999 through the merger of St. Matthew Parish and School and St. Lawrence Parish and School. Both of these parishes were founded in the early 1900’s with their schools being built soon after. Prince of Peace School continues the tradition of serving the families on the near south side of Milwaukee on its two campuses. The former St. Matthew School building on 25th and Scott Street is used for four-year-old kindergarten through third grade with the former St. Vincent de Paul School building on 22nd and Mitchell Street housing grades four through eight.

About Seton Catholic Schools

Seton Catholic Schools is a collaborative network of Archdiocese of Milwaukee Catholic elementary schools providing the highest caliber of academic and spiritual formation programs for all students. Seton Catholic Schools is embracing the growth and success of Prince of Peace students by strengthening our school. By becoming part of the Seton network, we will be receiving:

– New Academic Resources
– Expanded Programs and Services
– Continued Faith Formation Opportunities

The Seton Catholic Schools alliance is allowing us to reorganize and simplify administration functions so we can focus on offering new and expanded programs — plus implement an exceptional education model.

Seton Catholic Schools is making Prince of Peace an even stronger Catholic school… and helping us pave the way for our students to receive an exceptional Catholic education in the 21st century. See for yourself how this Archdiocese of Milwaukee initiative is transforming education. Seton Catholic Schools calls it the Seton Way. We call it simply inspired.

Discover The Seton Way Today

Safe Guarding God’s Children

Prince of Peace firmly believes that in order to receive a quality education, students must feel safe at school. Our school is a violence-free, gun free and crime-free zone. No exceptions. We follow the protocols set in place by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee through Safeguarding All of God’s Family.

Safeguarding All of God’s Family is founded on the Catholic teaching that all people are made in the image and likeness of God and, therefore, must be respected as individuals. This Archdiocesan program was created to protect all in the church family, especially children, from sexual abuse and related dangers. Most importantly, participation in the program has raised awareness about the gravity of child sexual abuse and the steps that can be taken to prevent such abuse.

We take our commitment to the safety of children very seriously. All school and parish employees are held to the Code of Ethical Standards set forth by the Archdiocese and are required to participate in initial training and continuing education to foster a Safe Environment “Protecting God’s Children.”

Any volunteers that have regular contact with children or who chaperon field trips must join our mission to Safeguard All of God’s Family. All volunteers are trained and held to a similar Code of Ethical Standards as our school and parish employees.

At Prince of Peace our goal is to provide a safe, secure learning environment for our students in which they feel comfortable to express themselves and grow.

Safeguarding All Of God’s Family


At Prince of Peace School, we know the sacrifices parents make for their children. The education we provide will prepare your child to be a leader in our community. Our tuition is extremely affordable at only $1200 per year for the first child and $800 for any additional children in the family.

Prince of Peace is a proud participant in both the Wisconsin and Milwaukee Parental Choice Programs. These programs pay all school tuition and fees for eligible families. Enrollment periods are the 1st to 20th of every month. To qualify for the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program, families must live in the City of Milwaukee and have a family income under a certain financial guideline. There is no need to live in the city of Milwaukee for the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program, but family income must meet financial guidelines. If you think your family might be eligible for this assistance, contact the school office. We will help you fill out all necessary paperwork online.

We firmly believe every child deserves an outstanding Catholic education. Sometimes a Catholic education can be outside of a family’s budget. Prince of Peace School offers several opportunities for tuition assistance, including the St. Gerard Scholarship Fund. Payment arrangements can be made.

Be a Volunteer

Prince of Peace welcomes interested individuals to offer their services as volunteers with volunteers completing a volunteer enrollment form prior to working in the school. At all times, volunteers work under the supervision and direction of a certified staff person. Volunteers are required to wear volunteer badges while in school buildings or volunteering at outside school events.

To become a volunteer or, for more information about volunteering, please contact our Office Manager Diana Ramirez  at 414-383-2157.