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Partnerships/Summer Programs

By participating in after-school activities, Prince of Peace students learn to manage their time and prioritize various tasks and commitments while building their self-esteem. After-school activities at Prince of Peace School are designed to develop a student’s goal-setting skills and for reaching or achieving a goal. Finally, extracurricular activities allow our students to make a contribution to their school or community, which is an important step in preparing them for life outside of academics.

Milwaukee Art Museum (MAM)

Junior Docent School Program

Students, grade 3-5, can participate in MAM’s Junior Docent School Program. This program introduces elementary school students to the vocabulary, elements, and history of art while developing critical thinking skills. Over three consecutive years, students visit nine times, contextualizing art into their life. After a culminating project presented to their peers and family, they become official Junior Docents!

Prince of Peace partners with Milwaukee Art Museum to provide students with a unique opportunity to understand art within their community. The 3rd grade theme is INVESTIGATE. Students discover works of art through their senses and the elements of art. The 4th grade theme is CONNECT. Students explore people, culture and history with an emphasis on Wisconsin history and a variety of customs both near and far. The 5th grade theme is EXTEND. Students explore a variety of art forms and movements throughout history from ancient to modern times. After selecting a work from MAM’s permanent collection students prepare for their graduation by reproducing the work, writing a report and creating a personal aesthetic response. The skills learned throughout the program demonstrate higher level thinking skills of analysis, synthesis and evaluation; making them better thinkers in all their academic subjects.

To find out more about the MAM Junior Docent Program, go to:

Milwaukee County Zoo

Zoo Ambassador Program

Lake Valley Camp

For more than thirteen years, Prince of Peace School has enjoyed a partnership with Lake Valley Camp.  Lake Valley Camp is designed to give students exciting opportunities both during the summer and throughout the school year. Prince of Peace students are the third largest body of students attending the Lake Valley Camp program. Students return year after year and participate in a variety of activities: family events, field trips, nature classes, swimming, horseback riding, canoeing, fishing, gardening, creative writing, art projects, and so much more. Lake Valley Camp builds self-confidence and independence by having students explore the greater Wisconsin community.

To find out more about Lake Valley Camp, go to:

Casa Romero

  • Casa Romero Renewal Center is an urban, multicultural and bilingual spirituality center serving Milwaukee and Southeast Wisconsin.

  • Motivated by the integration of faith and justice, their programs and retreats offer formation and renewal for youth and adults, strengthen families, and build community in the Ignatian tradition.

  • This mission is achieved through four program and service areas: youth development, family enrichment, spiritual formation and social justice awareness.

  • Prince of Peace partners with Casa Romero to provide retreat experiences for the 6, 7 and 8th grade students.

  • The retreats are gender specific and focus on friendship, bullying, assertiveness and qualities that foster independence and maturity.

  • By participating in the retreats in the fall we are able to incorporate what was learned and continue to work to create a positive environment at Prince of Peace.

Walker’s Point Center for the Arts

Walker’s Point Center for the Arts is a nonprofit organization in support of visual and performing arts and youth arts education. The center fosters creativity in children through innovative, hands-on education and encourages audience development and artistic talent with a diverse blend of programming. Our exhibitions, which feature both regional and national talent, encourages thoughtful social dialogue and community engagement.

Prince of Peace partners with Walker’s Point Center for the Arts to provide Prince of Peace with after school programming through an artist-in-resident on site at Prince of Peace School. Past residency programs have included mural painting, puppetry, drum making and mosaic tile stepping stones. Prince of Peace also encourages our students to attend the after school art classes at the Center and to participate in Summer Program Sessions.

To find out more about Walker’s Point Center for the Arts, go to:

Urban Ecology Center

The Urban Ecology Center provides year-round educational programs for children, families and adults of all ages. The cornerstone program is the nationally recognized Neighborhood Environmental Education Project (NEEP). NEEP’s innovative approach to environmental education offers a unique opportunity to supplement the Prince of Peace School science curricula.

With NEEP, Prince of Peace School partners with the Urban Ecology Center for an entire year. During the school year, the Urban Ecology Center provides science-based field trips for Prince of Peace students. The Urban Ecology Center’s science-based programs range from basic wildlife and ecology studies, to the physics of sound and light, to simple machines, to energy, to recycling. The Center also offers valuable kinesthetic learning opportunities, including rock climbing, canoeing, hiking, snow shoeing and ice skating. The Urban Ecology Center’s custom designed programs meet the needs of the students, teachers and schools.

To find out more about The Urban Ecology Center, go to:

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Children’s Health Education Center

Prince of Peace School partners with the Children’s Health Education Center (CHEC) by utilizing their online programs. CHEC offers programs for K4 – 8th grade students regarding bullying, alcohol and drug awareness, nutrition and health. All students in grades 4 – 8 complete one of their online programs which provide up to date information in an interactive format. CHEC obtains funding in order to offer the programs to schools free of charge.

The Haggerty Museum of Art

Picasso Across Curriculum Program

Prince of Peace partners with The Haggerty Museum of Art to provide educational services for our students and help our educators implement innovative approaches to teaching and learning through art. Students participate in the Picasso Across Curriculum program: The program uses the Haggerty’s portfolio Picasso-Guernica, a collection of 42 lithographs of the preliminary drawings for Picasso’s 1937 masterwork Guernica.

The program was developed by the Haggerty to serve elementary school students and Marquette students. This innovative program have the dual focus of training students in Marquette’s College of Education to integrate the visual arts into their classroom curricula while simultaneously providing elementary school students with the opportunity to learn about a variety of subjects through the visual arts.

To find out more about the Haggerty Museum, go to:

After School Programs

By participating in after-school activities, Prince of Peace students learn to manage their time and prioritize various tasks and commitments while building their self-esteem. After-school activities at Prince of Peace School are designed to develop a student’s goal-setting skills and for reaching or achieving a goal. Finally, extracurricular activities allow our students to make a contribution to their school or community, which is an important step in preparing them for life outside of academics.

ECCO After School Program

Twice a week, Prince of Peace students attend the Epic Center Community Organization (ECCO) to participate in afterschool activities and homework help. ECCO began in early 2013 providing a safe and structured place for youth to receive academic support and recreational activities.  After School Programs include: homework help (in English and Spanish); team building activities; character development and leadership skills; arts and crafts; recreational activities; and open gym. Prince of Peace teachers collaborate with ECCO staff monitoring student progress and study habits.

To find out more about ECCO, go to:


Tablesetters is a program that incorporates Catholic Social Teachings and community service. The name comes from the Gospel that we all have a place at the table and we all have a responsibility to set a place at the table for others. Each month we represent one of the Catholic Social Teachings through Spirit Wear donations, community service field trips and education.

Prince of Peace is proud to collaborate with the Milwaukee Christian Center (MCC). MCC has a long history of 90 years of service to the near south side community. POP students participate in MCC’s Kids Place afterschool program that provides tutoring help and enrichment activities including: homework help; health and wellness activities; cooking classes; cultural arts and environmental programming; and field trips. Kids Place extends its programming into the early evening, which benefits those Prince of Peace students whose parents/guardians work late hours. Students enjoy a safe and structured place to continue learning and socializing with peers and a caring team of adult mentors.

To find out more about The Milwaukee Christian Center, go to:

Milwaukee Christian Center

Summit Educational Association

For almost ten years, Prince of Peace has worked closely with Summit Educational Association which provides one-to-one tutoring and mentoring for Milwaukee’s inner city children. Through tutoring and recreational activities Summit fosters supportive relationships through dedicated mentors, parents, and their children in order to encourage intellectual, cultural, and moral growth. Summit Education Association’s programming is inspired by the social teachings of the Catholic Church.

To find out more about Summit Educational Association, go to:

Outreach Programs

K4-K5 Parent/Child Early Education Programs

Prince of Peace recognizes that, when parents are involved in their child’s early educational experiences their child will develop the skills to achieve academic success later in life.

Parental involvement in our early education programs will benefit both you and your child. It creates a positive partnership between the school and family. Your participation will provide an environment where your child feels supported and nurtured in their new learning environment. We have developed (3) early education programs where parents can partner with prince of Peace in their child’s early education.

Príncipe de la Paz reconoce que, cuando los padres participan en experiencias educativas tempranas de su hijo su hijo desarrollará las habilidades necesarias para lograr el éxito académico en el futuro.

Participación de los padres en nuestros programas de educación temprana beneficiará tanto a usted como a su hijo. Se crea una asociación positiva entre la escuela y la familia. Su participación proporcionará un ambiente donde el niño se sienta apoyado y alimentado en su nuevo entorno de aprendizaje. Hemos desarrollado (3) programas de educación infantil donde los padres pueden asociarse con el príncipe de la Paz en la educación de sus hijos.

Click HERE to download pdf file of programs/Haga clic aquí para descargar el archivo pdf de los programas

The Gathering Community Meal Program

THE MISSION of The Gathering is to provide meals and associated services or programs to those who would otherwise go hungry or without. They act directly and in concert with others to alleviate hunger and to address the root causes and related problems associated with hunger. Their success will be demonstrated by providing quality services to their guests and remaining a viable volunteer-driven organization.

The Gathering provides ten free meals each week at three locations, 51 weeks a year, closing for one week between Christmas and New Years, and on major holidays. All meals are cooked fresh on site. Volunteers assist in meal preparation, set up, serving and clean up. Prince of Peace partners with The Gathering to provide students who volunteer to stay after school and go to the Christian Faith Fellowship Church East. They serve food from 3:50 to 5:15 pm. to those who are in need in their community.

To find out more about The Gathering, go to:

Freidens Community Ministries: Despensa de la Paz

Friedens Community Ministries, Inc. is a network of food pantries which build ladders of peace throughout Milwaukee.  They believe that a dependable supply of food is a means of bringing hope and dignity to the community. Friedens bring together a team of people who donate food, finances, time, and talent to help make sure that people can access the food they desperately need.

Prince of Peace School partners with Despensa de la Paz to provide student volunteers for their food pantry.  We facilitate student involvement approximately 10 times throughout the year.  When students attend, they are allowed to bring food home for their families.
Each student that participates with this program is then considered part of their “family”.  They are encouraged to continue to assist at the food pantry on their own.

Hunger Task Force

The Next Door Foundation

The mission for the foundation is to support the intellectual, physical, spiritual and emotional development of children so they become self-sufficient, contributing members of the community. Next Door works with thousands of children and families to give them the skills they need, not just to get by, but to achieve sustainable success in school and in life.

Next Door programs include:
– Emphasizing communication between staff and parents
– Educating parents about physical and mental health development
– Promoting language and literacy development for all age groups
– Developing a sense of self-worth and resiliency in participants
– School readiness
-Teaching childhood development stages to parents
– Encouraging positive relationships between children and parents

Prince of Peace partners with The Next Door Foundation to provide volunteers for their “Read With Me” program. Our 6th and 7th grade students participate twice a month by reading to children ages 2 – 5. This opportunity gives the students of Prince of Peace School the chance to increase their own reading fluency and understand the different developmental stages of toddlers/young children.

To find out more about The Parenting Network, go to: