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There are many qualities of a great and dedicated teacher, at Prince of Peace our educators possess an unshakable passion for their work. Our entire staff leads by example, presenting a positive example for our students, encouraging them to explore and exceed new areas of knowledge.

Our goal is to create a safe, positive environment in which students feel comfortable learning. We understand the importance of test scores but, our mission goes beyond education. We recognize each child as a unique image of God, we nourish the mind, body, heart and soul of our students through worship, service and academics.

Church Administrative

Fr. Max Tzul
Fr. Max TzulPastor
Email: tzulm@archmil.org
Claudia Plascencia
Claudia PlascenciaSecretary-St Vincent De Paul, Prince of Peace
Email: plascenciac

School Administrative

Ryan Krienke
Ryan KrienkePrincipal
Andrea Bergamnn
Andrea BergamnnVice Principal
Dan Seitz
Dan SeitzDean of Students
-I was born in Colorado Springs, CO
-I’m the son of a career US Army officer
-Because my father was in the military, I attended 10 different schools from K5-12.
-I have lived in 8 different states and Paris, France
-I have a BS in Education Armstrong Atlantic University, Savannah, GA
-I have a MS in Administrative Leadership UWM, MIlwaukee, WI

-Have lived and traveled all over the USA and Europe. Loved it!!!!
-Family is from Wisconsin.
-Have worked with children since junior year in high school.
-Working with children and sharing my knowledge and experience with them so that they can be successful is so fulfilling for me.

Email: seitzd@princeofpeaceschool.org

Nicholas Earle
Nicholas Earle Dean of Operations
Email: nearle@setoncatholicschools.org
Geraldine Green
Geraldine Green Social Woker
Lirse Jones
Lirse JonesAdmissions Coordinator/Office Manager
Degree in Early Education
National University of Costa Rica

I love to spend time with my family.

Email: jonesl@princeofpeaceschool.org

Diana Ramirez
Diana RamirezAdministrative Assistant 25th St Campus
Degree in Administration and Finance, University Of Occident -Mexico

I love volunteering at my church and spending time with my husband and two daughters.

Email: ramirezd@princeofpeaceschool.org

Paulita Barron
Paulita BarronAdministrative Assistant
Email: barronp@princeofpeaceschool.org
Margaret Garcia
Margaret GarciaOffice Assistant/Interpreter – 22th Street Campus
Email: garciam
Sosima Arista Ramirez
Sosima Arista RamirezOffice Assistant
Email: aristas@princeofpeaceschool.org
Paola Chaves
Paola ChavesAdministrative Assistant

K4 and Kindergarten

Linda Gygax
Linda GygaxK4 Teacher
-I was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI
-I am a graduate of Alverno College and am licensed to teach Early Childhood to 5th grade as well as grades 6-12 in English, History and Religious Studies.
-I am a proud mom of 5 amazing children (3 girls and 2 boys) ages 21-12.

-I LOVE Mexican food, chocolate and soda.
-My kids and I enjoy bonfires and making smores all year round.
-I enjoy doing yoga to relax and unwind.

Email: gygaxl@princeofpeaceschool.org

Estefania Quiles
Estefania QuilesK4 Teacher
-I was born and raised in Lancaster, California. My family and I moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2009.
-I attended and graduated from St. Anthony High School here in Milwaukee.
-I graduated from Carroll University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and Special Education.

-I am fluent in Spanish and English.
-My family is from Jalisco, Mexico and I love going there for vacation!
-I have traveled to Antigua, Guatemala and I would love to go back and visit again some time soon.

Email: quilese@princeofpeaceschool.org

Malena Torres
Malena TorresK5 Teacher
-I was born and raised in Mexico.
-I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Education at Collegio Mexico.
-I have a 14 year old daughter.

-I’m very proud of my culture and heritage.
-I dance Mexican folklore at festivals such as Mexican Fiesta, Indian Summer Fest and Folk Fair.
-I LOVE my job and the world of the little ones.

Email: torresm@princeofpeaceschool.org

First Grade

Aimee Monsees
Aimee MonseesFirst Grade Teacher
-I was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI.
-I graduated from UW-Milwaukee with a B.S. in Elementary Education with minors in Science and Social Studies.
-Teaching runs in my family: my grandfather, grandmother, sister, cousin and I have all been teachers in Wisconsin.

-I enjoy seeking out world’s largest items!
-I like crafting and DIY projects.
-I dislike shoveling snow, but I love snow days!

Email: monseesa@princeofpeaceschool.org

Brianne Kashak
Brianne KashakFirst Grade Teacher
-I was born in North Carolina and grew up in Minnesota.
-I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in Elementary Education with a minor in English. Go badgers!

-The high school I went to is surrounded by cows!
-I studied abroad in Ghana for a summer and learned how to drum and dance there.
-I LOVE anything pumpkin flavored!

Email: kashakb@princeofpeaceschool.org

Second Grade

Jenny Wood
Jenny WoodSecond Grade Teacher
-I was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI.
-I earned a dual Bachelor’s Degree at the University of WIsconsin-Whitewater in Early Childhood Special Education.

-I went to college with Ms. Stone!
-My mom and I have a chocolate business called “Trufflelotta.”
-I went to my grandma’s house for spaghetti every Sunday from birth to the age of 25.


Stephanie Stone
Stephanie StoneSecond Grade Teacher
-Born and raised in Northern Illinois
-I earned a dual Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in Early Childhood Special Education.
-I earned a Master’s degree from National Louis University in Master of Education.

-I play intermediate sand volleyball for fun.
-I have 2 cats.
-I went to college with Ms. Wood!

Email: cobys@princeofpeaceschool.org

Third Grade

Alyssa Rudd
Alyssa RuddThird Grade Teacher
I have a Bachelors degree in elementary/middle education with minors in math and Spanish from St. Norbert College

I enjoy crafting, swimming, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

Email: rudda@princeofpeaceschool.org

Fourth Grade

Gina Maas
Gina MaasFourth Grade Teacher
Jessica Werner
Jessica WernerFourth Grade Teacher

Fifth Grade

John Matthews
John Matthews Fifth Grade Teacher
Karen Saller
Karen SallerFifth Grade Teacher

Sixth Grade

Johnathan Kumar
Johnathan Kumar Sixth Grade Teacher
Michael Kent
Michael Kent Sixth Grade Teacher

Seventh Grade

Peter Harrison
Peter HarrisonSeventh Grade Teacher
Email: harrisonp@princeofpeaceschool.org
Noah Summer
Noah SummerSeventh Grade Teacher

Eighth Grade

Michael Skinkis
Michael SkinkisEighth Grade Teacher
Email: skinkism@princeofpeaceschool.org
Flannery Crain
Flannery Crain Eighth Grade Teacher


Nicholas Hartmann
Nicholas HartmannMusic Teacher
-I was born in Eden Prairie, MN but moved to Wisconsin at age 3 and have lived here ever since.
-I have my B.S. in Choral Music & General Music Education from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

-I enjoy playing many sports including volleyball and golf.
-I like to play trivia whenever I can.

Email: hartmannn@princeofpeaceschool.org

Ebony AdellArt Teacher

Physical Education

Jesse Stewart
Jesse Stewart Physical Education Teacher


Stephanee Skaradzinski
Stephanee SkaradzinskiCatapult WIN Teacher
-I’m known as Ms. S around school.
-I was born on November 10, 1985 in Milwaukee, WI.
-I went to college in Kenosha, WI and have been teaching ever since.
-This will be my fourth year as a Title 1 teacher and I love it everyday, truly!
-I live with my fiancee, my stepson, our two cats and our two gerbils in Oak Creek, WI.
-I love reading, watching funny TV and movies, laundry and enjoying family and friend time.

– I am a cancer survivor, I’m in my fifth year of remission from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma!
– I love pizza and tacos!
– My current favorite hobby is called Painting with Diamonds – it’s a mix of cross-stitch and paint-by-numbers!

Email: skaradzinskis@princeofpeaceschool.org

Angela Zimney
Angela ZimneyTRI and WIN
-I was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI on the southside of the city.
-I am a graduate of UW-Milwaukee with a degree in Education- Spanish and ESL. I studied Spanish in Seville, Spain for a semester in college.
-I have three daughters Kate, Lauren and Julia ages 13, 15 & 17.
-I have a grey and white cat named Ferris

-I LOVE to read just about anything
-I enjoy traveling to new places as well as being outside.
-I am looking forward to this school year and working with PoP students on reading!
-I can whistle with my fingers.
-My kids and I love to swim in the ocean and vacation every summer in Garden City, South Carolina!
-I’ve visited Mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica, The Cayman Islands, Portugal, Italy, France, Spain and Germany.

Email: zimneya@princeofpeaceschool.org


Wanda Foy
Wanda FoyReading Specialist
-I was born and raised in a small town in Michigan.
-I earned my bachelor’s degree from Eastern Michigan University.
-I received my reading license from Cardinal Stritch University.

-I love to spend time with my family.
-I enjoy gardening and reading.

Email: foyw@princeofpeaceschool.org

Naomi Stewart
Naomi StewartLanguage Specialist
-I was born and raised in Milwaukee , WI.
-I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in Spanish.
-I earned my graduate degree in ESL Education through the University of Cambridge on location at the University of Guanajuato, Mexico.

-I am fluent in English and Spanish.
-I have a world-wide teaching certificate for English as a second language.

Email: stewartn@princeofpeaceschool.org

Student Services

Jasmine Ramirez

Computer Science

Brenna Skelly
Brenna SkellyComputer Science
-I was born in Brookfield, WI.
-I attended St. John Vianney Grade School and Divine Savior Holy Angels High School
-I have a BA in International Studies, UW-Madison
-I have a MS in Curriculum and Instruction, Bilingual and ESL Certifications, UW-Milwaukee

-After college I lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina for 3 years, learning Spanish
-Before becoming a teacher I worked in fundraising for the School Sisters of St. Francis
-I’m doing my second triathlon this September

Email: skellyb@princeofpeaceschool.org

Educational Assistant

Mirna Valadez
Mirna Valadez Educational Assistant
Zenaida Guzman
Zenaida GuzmanEducational Assistant
-I was born and raised in Mexico.
-I moved to the US when I married my husband.
-I have been at Prince of Peace School for 9 yrs.

-I love to reading.
-I like taking naps.
-I like planting flowers.

Email: guzmanz@princeofpeaceschool.org

Maria L Miranda
Maria L MirandaEducational Assistant
-I love crafting, sewing, and cooking

Email: mirandam@princeofpeaceschool.org

Jose Guzman
Jose GuzmanEducational Assistant
-I’m the oldest of my family.
-I have 2 sisters and 3 brothers.
-I have 2 wonderful children, a girl and a boy.
-I am fluent in Spanish and English and have been at Prince of Peace School for 12 years.

-I like to ride my bicycle, listening to music, and cooking.

Email: guzmanj@princeofpeaceschool.org

Antonio J. Lopez
Antonio J. LopezEducational Assistant
-I was born and raised in Guatemala, Guatemala.
-I have a Minor in Computer Systems.
-I am starting my 14th year working at Prince of Peace School/Escuela Principe de Paz.

-I have three children – two girls and one boy.
-I like to collect watches and pens.
-I enjoy nature and spending time with my family.

Email: lopeza@princeofpeaceschool.org

Jennifer Connors
Jennifer Connors Educational Assistant

Recess Monitors/Student Transportation

Food Service

Isela Rosario
Isela RosarioFood Service Manager
Email: rosarioi
Francisca Cervantes
Francisca CervantesFood Service Assistant
Leticia Carrean
Leticia CarreanFood Service Assistant
Ana Ledesma
Ana LedesmaFood Service Assistant
Marta Perez
Marta PerezFood Service Assistant