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Prince of Peace School/ Escuela Príncipe de Paz is a Catholic school committed to serving the students and families on the near south side of Milwaukee. Over 95% of our student population is Hispanic and 99% of the students are economically disadvantaged. Our school is located in neighborhoods where our students must face the day-to-day problems of poverty, neighborhood crime, and gang influence.Our students are  in need of funds to enhance field trips, cultural arts, classroom supplies and other educational materials  which enhance their education. We hold several events throughout the year including dances, holiday events, spring carnival and other fun family events to raise funds for the school. While these events raise  some funds for school programs,  we are still in need of financial assistance to maintain and expand our programs.

Please consider donating to enhance the following school programs:


Program will support:  Reading, Science, and Social Studies

Goal: To identify students who are reading below their grade level and develop an “At Home” program to increase the amount of their practice reading.

Resources Needed: Leveled readers – non-fiction beginning with level H through N.  Books in each level would be purchased in groups of 6.  12 reading books at each level beginning with H.  84 leveled books.

Program Cost: $ 500.00

PROGRAM: Information Technology

Program will support:  General Studies

Goal: To integrate technology into all aspects of the school’s curriculum. Teachers will
utilize a wide variety of hardware and software upgrades to ensure our students have the
skills to enter an increasingly complex, interactive, global world. Funds will be allocated to
improve academic achievement and technology literacy for students, teachers, and
administrators. Key areas for the program will be:
– Purchase of iPads, iPods and Chrome books.
– Create interactive, customizable lesson plans that develop mathematical thinking, literacy
skills, science,
social studies, language support, and fine motor skills.
– Immersing students in a learning process that develops a thorough understanding on how
to use technology
resources to solve problems, research, evaluate data, organize information, and effectively
and present their knowledge to others.

Resources Needed: Hardware and software upgrades

Program Cost: $ 10,000.00

PROGRAM: Wildflower Garden Project

Program will support:  Promote science, math and art

Goal: The concept for the wildflower garden is to create a “Living Classroom” that will be
available to all students and teachers. The design and construction of the raised bed format
will allow teachers to incorporate mathematics such as area, measurement, volume, and
graphing growth.  Science areas such as life cycle of plants, soil structure, soil organisms,
decomposition, weather/climate, and wildlife can be taught in the garden.  Visual Arts will
be addressed as students write, reflect and draw on the beauty of a garden and how gardens
attract butterflies, insects and birds.

Resources Needed: Construction materials, hardware and gardening supplies.

Program Cost: $ 500.00

PROGRAM: Reading Under the Stars

Program will support:  Promoting literacy for students and families

Goal: Prince of Peace has an evening event every spring called, “Reading Under The Stars”.  This event gives families the opportunity to have a safe quiet place to read. Parents learn basic strategies, in English and Spanish, which they could use at home to help their children practice reading skills.

Resources Needed: Books and art supplies

Program Cost: $ 1,800.00

PROGRAM: Capital Donation

Program will support:  Prince of Peace School
Goal: Donation will be allocated for school maintenance and general support.

Resources Needed: Donation amount at donor’s discretion.

For more information about donating to Prince of Peace School please contact our Principal Ryan Krienke